The Rawan Trail

The Rawan Trail (PT# 01)

Hiking through the dense woods, carpeted with farm land, teeming with ethnic minority gives you a wonderful educational experience

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The Lisu Trail

The Lisu Trail (PT# 02)

Hang around amidst the exotic tribal with elaborate religious practices, folk dances; local music enhances the magic ...

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Putao Trekking House Guided Activities

Putao Trekking House Guided Activities (PT# 03)

Emphasis on cultural and environmental sensitivity, flexibility to match varied activities to your multiple interests such as ...

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The Last Village
The Last Village (PT# 04)

Suitable for hardy eco-tourists who prefer the challenge of a testing back-packing trip in the mountain fastness. Trekking along the hunting trails through pristine forest..

Mt. Phongun Razi
Phongun Razi Expedition (PT# 05)

Generally covered with snow in the winter months. The richness of its biodiversity deserves to be maintained and fostered in the interest of coming generations.

Mt. Phangran Razi
Phangran Razi Expedition (PT# 06)

The remoteness has helped to maintain the pristine purity of it forest and eco systems. Unparalleled opportunities to present day professionals in the field of zoology.

Mt. Phonyin Razi
Phonyin Razi Expedition (PT#07)

The Eastern Himalayas are heavily forested, ranging from dense evergreen tropical into mix subtropical and temperate forest with pines mixed, where trees are thickly padded with moss.

Mt. Madoi Razi
Madoi Razi Expedition (PT# 08)

Lies in the rain shadow of the alpine range land, sacred water tower of Malikha. Meadow rangeland of the Himalaya harbors some of the world’s most outstanding rangeland ecosystems.

The Last Frontier
The Last Frontier (PT# 09)

Being depot of botany in northern Myanmar having a huge range of flowers. This is the very place that botanist Frank Kingdon Ward has found many rare species of orchids during 1920.

Journey through Mysterious Land
Journey through Mysterious Land(PT# 10)

The view from Kaunglanphu is absolutely beautiful, having layers of colorful cultivation landscape with sow mountains surrounding in the back drop fill with colorful Rhododendron.

A Journey through Adung Long Valley

A Journey through Adung Long Valley (PT# 11)
Hkakaborazi protected area lies on the pristine western headwaters of the Ayeyarwady, through thickly forested canyons, with a closer insight into tribal community and way of life unchanged for centuries. The last remaining members of the Tarong, an endangered race of diminutive people none of whom are more than 4 feet in height are amongst of the ethnic minorities inhabit in this area.


 >> >> We cannot thank you all enough for our absolutely wonderful week in this magical part of myanmar.   ...

 >> >> We have spent our first night at the new Putao Trekking House. It is a beautiful comfortable wooden house that   ...

 >> >> One of the highlights of our trip was our visit to Putao, the trekking house was just perfect, the meals in the restaurant extraordinary and the trekkingtour fantastic...
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